The idea why we need to start an online business in world today challenging.


Well here’s the thing – I don’t want to give you a simple Yes or No, because that would be a) too easy and b) not entirely fair to you, especially if your new to the online business world. So instead I’m going to share my experiences with you in a categorized manner, and I’ll be concise about them so once you’re done reading you can decide for yourself….sound like a plan? Cool.

For ease of understanding I’m going to play the devil’s advocate on each point I raise. That should speed up the matter.

1) Demand 

You know most of us have this Eureka moment, when we come up with a business idea and are convinced this is the next million dollar gig. Now in most instances the problem stems from how we adhere to that initial idea, we don’t like any advice that isn’t in tune with our flight of thought…

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